HCS collaborates actively with several different organizations both on and off campus on a variety of projects ranging from small to large. Collaborations in the past have included co-sponsored projects and events, technical support for unusual things, and assistance with publicity. Projects might be as simple as a co-sponsored tech talk (we've done those for Facebook, for example) or as complex as our multi-year grant cycle with FAS IT. A sampling of our current collaborations may be found below.

If you're interested in working with HCS on a collaborative project of some kind, let us know by sending an e-mail to info (at) hcs (


FAS IT provides HCS with a number of basic services including space, technical advice, and a budget for purchasing production hardware. We're grateful to FAS IT and particularly to FAS CIO Larry Levine for standing behind many of our projects.

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

SEAS provides HCS with support for events related to computers, computer science, engineering, and technology. Additionally, SEAS has been instrumental in helping HCS start several important projects such as our current work with XO laptops and has been very helpful in our ongoing search for appropriate space for our production-grade servers. We're particularly grateful to Associate Dean for Computer Science and Engineering Greg Morrisett and to SEAS CIO Joy Sircar.

The Student Organization Center at Hilles

SOCH provides HCS with office space and has also been very helpful in scheduling, promoting, and supporting (read: feeding) several HCS events geared towards educating users of HCS Account Services.

Computer Science 50

HCS provided several seminars to students of CS 50 to help them get up to speed on working in UNIX-like environments. Additionally, HCS provided support for approximately 130 students or groups of students who chose to do their final projects using web-based technologies.

Microsoft recently gave HCS an MSDN Academic Alliance subscription, allowing us to play with cool Microsoft software (and, by extension, not-so-cool Microsoft software - our constitution says we can't discriminate by OS preference). They've also been very open to working more with us in the future, so next year this could lead to some exciting projects. Hopefully this will at least help us develop software for Windows users which is a little more user-friendly than what we offer now. Also, if we ever get the VPS hosting project in gear, we'll be able to offer Windows servers (and if we can convince them to give us real licences, we can even offer them in a production-grade setting).

O'Reilly Media, Inc.

HCS recently re-registered as an O'Reilly User Group as part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining a current library of interesting technical books. Members/interested students are encouraged to contact the board about reviewing books.

The Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony
HCS has been one of the co-sponsoring student organizations at many of the Ig ceremonies. Recently, members of HCS provided technical advice to the Igs, which produces the only live webcast from Sanders Theatre all year.