Account Services

HCS provides several different free computing services to the Harvard community. You can read our FAQ or our account tutorials for more information on what services we provide and how to use them. Still have questions or technical issues? No problem! Just e-mail us at acctserv (at) hcs ( You can also come talk to us in person at our weekly office hours.

What services are available? Well:

  • Mailing lists provide an efficient way to facilitate announcements to or discussion among student groups, houses, study groups, blockmates, or groups of friends. It is easy to add any number of Harvard and non-Harvard addresses to a mailing list, and administering them is simple and requires little technical expertise. They have the form, and can be created here.
  • Web accounts are a simple way for any Harvard student group, official or unofficial, to host webpages with a few hundred MB of space, mysql database, and a mailing address. The websites are hosted at, and can be requested here.