Arnold Worldwide Case Competition This Week!

Interested in Advertising, Marketing, or Communications? Looking for an amazing networking opportunity? Then sign up for the Arnold WorldWide CVS Case Competition with the Harvard Advertising and Marketing Club (HAMC)!

Arnold WorldWide, a major advertising agency based in Boston with additional offices in 75 countries around the world, created the challenge specifically for the Harvard Advertising and Marketing Club, and we want you to join us!

Our goal? To create an advertising and marketing campaign for CVS and compete against one another for a prize! Details are attached below.

This Thursday, February 2nd, from 3-5PM, we have been invited to the Arnold WorldWide office to present our work to Arnold employees, including:

  • Anne Mercogliano and Jane O’Neil
  • Lauren Murphy-a recent Harvard grad who works for the company
  • Amber Finley-engagement planner
  • The Account Management Team for CVS
  • Digital strategists
  • Senior Level Team Members aka The Bosses!

Need more of an incentive? There will be catered food…

Attendance is limited, so fill out this application soon! You will be sent a confirmation email if you can attend.

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Irresistible? Completely.

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