Arnold Worldwide announces the winners!

Thank you to all those who participated in the first ever Arnold Worldwide-HAMC CVS Case Competition. All the teams’ insights and creative executions were particularly impressive and insightful. It’s definitely amazing how many ideas were presented last week given that the timeframe was just a week! 

So, without further adieu… the winners!

1st Place: Team #3 Tenley MalmquistKate Abraham, Zachary Bernstein, and Ian Shields

            Prize: $500 cash and lunch with the Business Strategy Department 

2nd Place: Team #1 Jillian Kushner, Melissa Wong, and Yuqi Hou

            Prize: $100 cash and lunch with the Business Strategy Department 

Arnold Worldwide will follow up with more specific feedback on each presentation.

Thanks again and congratulations! Stay tuned for more HAMC events. 

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