Harvard University

MARCH 4–6, 2011



Harvard University’s Department of Linguistics is delighted to welcome you to AFLA 18. Burgeoning interest in Austronesian languages brings together faculty, visiting scholars, graduate students and undergraduate concentrators in our department. We hope to provide you with an engaging, enriching and enjoyable experience.

New this year…

Because many of our faculty and students  are historical linguists, we hope to include a special session focusing on diachronic accounts of Austronesian.  Please consider submitting historical papers!

Questions? Comments?

Please contact Lauren Eby and Gregory Scontras at

THE 18TH Meeting of the austronesian formal linguistics association

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Robert A. Blust

Department of Linguistics

University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Prof. Marc Brunelle

Department of Linguistics

University of Ottawa

Prof. Manfred Krifka

Institute for German Language and Linguistics, Humboldt University

Director, Center for General Linguistics, Berlin