2015-2016 Executive Board

Sandra Schumann, (gokyu), '17, President.
Sandra first heard about aikido from a children's book, but had never actually tried any martial art before joining Harvard Aikikai her freshman year. Her other interests range from making robots play football - sorry, soccer - and messing around with computers and circuits alike to collecting pandas. She is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Alexis Gomez, (gokyu), '16, Vice President.
Alexis started practicing aikido in Fall 2012, as a freshman, with no previous martial arts experience and instantly fell in love with the art and her fellow club members (and the flying - flying is fun...). She is currently pursuing a concentration in Psychology with a secondary field in the History of Science. Outside of the centering, relatively calmer world of aikido, she can be found reading for classes, reading for pleasure, reading the recommended readings for class, reading things pulled from syllabi for other classes she couldn't take this semester, rock climbing, running, flute-playing, making sounds on a piano, creative writing, running victims...I mean participants...through experiments in the Psychology department, costume designing, or working in the Harvard Library system. She also likes food, sleeping, hanging out with friends, and answering questions about aikido!

Sally Joyce K. (nikkyu), '11, Testing Officer.
Sally started practicing aikido in the spring of 2009 and is serving her fifth year on the executive board. In the spring of 2014 she tested for nikkyu. In 2011 she graduated from Harvard with a BA in Psychology and a secondary in Celtic Language and Literature. When not on the mats she is running, sailing, or climbing making up for relative inactivity while in college. Sally also enjoys playing traditional Irish music and just about any kind of partner dancing but depends on aikido to bring her back to her center and remind her of the value of knowing how to fall.

Kevin Tian (sankyu), Weapons Officer and Fun Czar.
Currently a graduate student in Applied Physics at the engineering school, Kevin has been practicing Aikido for about as long as he has been at Harvard. A general martial arts enthusiast, he has toyed around with a number of other styles prior to Aikido (including Taichi, Karate, TKD, etc.). When he's not goofing around and launching people/getting launched in 101 different ways, he is exploring the grand wide world of video games and cooking.

Past Officers