Kamiza Construction
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Harvard Aikikai VP Corey Johnson returned home this summer and constructed a beautiful kamiza for our QRAC practice space.

Construction occured over two months at Aikido of Hilo Sensei Barbara and Robert Kleins' house. Many thanks go out to Sensei Bob and AoH deshi Heraldo Farrington for their unwavering guidance and tremendous assistance throughout the construction process, as well as to Sensei Barbara and deshi Diane Saito (Corey's mom) for their support of this project.

  The Design  
Due to the year-to-year transience of HA's practice facilities, the kamiza is, in principle, portable. The kamiza can be taken apart into its larger component pieces, and reassembled in less than an hour. The kamiza (with ample support at its base) is freestanding, and the gaps in the front panel highlight the fact that it does not need to be placed flush with a wall.
Kamiza construction required two months' worth of weekends and free evenings, but was well-worth the effort.
  A full view of the kamiza, with Heraldo in the background.
  A close-up of the top corner, with wood grain.
The lower shelf of the kamiza. The vertical pieces of the kamiza are african mahogany, the shelf and crossbeam are made of Ohia, a dense Hawaiian hardwood, and the center panel is made of mahogany plywood. Linseed oil was used for all finishwork.



The kamiza construction crew: deshi Heraldo Farrington, Sensei Robert Klein, and deshi Corey Johnson.
Thanks again to Sensei Klein for their support of this project, and keep an eye out for pictures of kamiza installation!
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