Welcome to The Analyst, Harvard's premiere financial publication. We are an entirely student run magazine with articles on topics including business, investing, U.S. and world economics. We solicit articles and interviews from professionals and academics in these fields as well as provide our journalists' own informed ideas to give our readers accurate, current, and varied information on the leading financial issues of the day.

The Library of Congress recently approved our application for an ISSN number. We are now a copyrighted magazine that can be distributed throughout libraries and sold online.

Each issue we choose one or more highly debated topics and, making sure to provide an accurate and persuasive argument for all sides, give a full explanation of the problem and possible solutions in our Feature section. Our past Winter 2006 issue focused on the housing bubble and emerging markets.

Our section, The Economy provides a brief overview of the most important events that recently occurred in the business world. Several articles follow regarding more in-depth analysis of these key events.

For those of our readers more interested in the investment side of business, and to reach a wider base, we provide a section devoted to investment including basic advice and information about investing, investment banks, and investment issues pertaining to business. Although not all of our readers will end up spending their lives in business or finance, we hope that the information they receive from our On Investing section will broaden their knowledge of their own personal finances and help them in some way in their future lives.

The Analyst specifically targets an audience of business school and economics students around the Boston area. Our readers include business managers, investment bankers, brokers, and numerous other professionals who our organization and the Harvard Investment Association have come into contact with.

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