About the club

Harvard Anime Society is a small and very casual club. For the most part we act like a group of friends and try to avoid any sort of rigid hierarchy or internal politics. We also try not to behave like a clique and instead make an effort to welcome new people into the group with open arms*.

If you have any questions not answered here or on another page, feel free to email us, or just pop into a showing and ask in person.


HAS has no formal membership policy or club dues of any sort. Showings are free to attend and open to the public (although if you don't have a Harvard ID card you might have to coordinate with us to get in some locations). Anyone who shows up on a regular basis and/or is subscribed to one of the mailing lists can count themselves as a member.


Unlike some other clubs, we don't pretend to be a movie theater. Our atmosphere is as laid back as everything else, so our schedule is not always terribly strict and we're sometimes a little late to start or end. We sometimes crack jokes during the show and frequently pause between episodes to talk about what's going on. Anybody can watch stuff alone in their room, but a club offers actual social interaction and we exploit that to the fullest- a decent chunk of each showing is spent on discussing things and general socializing. (Showings are a not complete free-for-all though, we do have basic rules about noise and distractions). If you want a rundown on what we're doing this semester with times and locations, our schedule page will have all of that info.

mailing lists

Anime-list is our main list where we post weekly showing reminders, event announcements, next-series-polls, and any other official club business. You should definitely sign up if you're interested in coming to anything.

Anime-social is our secondary list where members can chat about the club and anime stuff in general. Feel free to start discussions about favorite shows, organize an unofficial showing in your room, or talk about anything you think fellow fans might be interested in.


Our anti-hazing notice

Harvard Anime Society is an officially recognized student-run organization at Harvard College. The Harvard College name and/or shield are trademarks of the President and Fellows of Harvard College and are used by permission of Harvard University.

* Unless you're someone like this. These people don't tend to work out too well... (-_-;)


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