past showings

This is a summarized history of all our showings going back to near the founding of the club. Records prior to about 2005 (and especially from the very early days) tend to be vague and incomplete, so what's listed here is often just a best guess. Also, early generations of the club liked to sample a lot of random stuff, so semesters that list a whole crapload of shows probably only played the first few eps of most of them.

You may notice that a number of shows are repeated a few times. A large part of this is due to membership turnover being around three years, but some eras (particularly the early '00s) just had a few favorite things they liked watching over and over.

If you're looking for a summary or description for any of these shows, try checking out our list of review sites on our links page.

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1994 fall - 1995 spring (or thereabouts)^

We were called HRAS back at this point.


1995 fall^


1996 spring^


1996 fall^


1997 spring^


1997 fall^


1998 spring^


1998 fall^


1999 spring^


1999 fall^


2000 spring^


2000 fall^

Almost every Fri this term, Alice had shoujo showings in her room in addition to the normal Saturday showings.


2001 spring^


2001 fall - 2002 spring^

Records for these two semesters are vague.


2002 fall^


2003 spring^


2003 fall^


2004 spring^


2004 fall^


2005 spring^


2005 fall^


2006 spring^


2006 fall^


2007 spring^


2007 fall^


2008 spring^


2008 fall^


2009 spring^


2009 fall^


2010 spring^


2010 fall^


2011 spring^

Club was on unintentional hiatus this semester due to poor planning.


2011 fall^


2012 spring^


2012 fall^


2013 spring^


2013 fall - 2014 spring^

At some point, we will get our act together and list out all the new stuff we tried this year. However, that time is not now -_-


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