All supplies for personal projects are to be purchased by the individual; A Stitch in Time will provide “tech support” but not the funding for these projects. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing your own knitting supplies for your own personal projects, here is a listing of local and online knitting resources!

Please be advised that it is easier to learn to knit on larger needles. Size 7’s and larger are suggested for those learning to knit as well as for those who wish to refine their skills. Additionally, although those novelty yarns look intriguing and fancy, simple wool and acrylic yarns, that lack those fancy doodads, are easier to learn to knit with and less frustrating. Expect to spend between $10 15 for needles and yarn at local yarn stores (LYS) for a scarf or hat.

Basic Scarf
Requires: 2 3 skeins of most yarns
Needles: size 6 and larger

Basic Hat
Requires: 2 skeins of most yarns
Needles: size 6 and larger

Local Knitting Resources

Wolcott & Co: (in Harvard Square, near Redline, across the street from Kirkland House)
61 JFK St
Cambridge, MA 02138

Mind’s Eye Yarns: (in Porter Square, across the street/parking lot from Shaw’s grocery store)
22 White St.
Cambridge, MA

Windsor Button Co: (off the Downtown Crossing T stop, on a sidestreet from Filenes/Macys)
35 Temple Pl.
Boston, MA

Michael’s Craft Store: (off commuter rail near East Boston)
17 Mystic View Rd
Everett MA 02149-2428

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