About Us

Who are we?

Harvard Bhangra is a group on campus that exists to meet the artistic and cultural needs of students who express interest in the Punjabi dance form of Bhangra. Our mission is to expose the Harvard community to the art form of Bhangra through campus performances, to represent Harvard at regional and national competitions, and to teach Bhangra to any and all individuals who are interested. Every year, we have over fifteen different performances, ranging from small, outreach shows for disabled children to larger on-campus shows, like Harvard’s annual Cultural Rhythms and Arts First Festival. Our members come from various backgrounds and levels of experience, and we are proud of the diversity we foster in our group. So, what are you waiting for? Come out and try Bhangra!

What is Bhangra?

Originating from the Punjab region of India, Bhangra is a colorful and explosive dance that combines Punjabi folk tradition with Western hip hop to create a fun and exciting form of expression. Routines often use props, like saaps and khunde, and the dance is often complemented with loud singing and cheering. The dance itself consists of high-energy movements and acrobatics, with occasionally a slow segment called the Jhummar included in the middle of the routine. Dancers perform in beautiful traditional costumes that accurately portray the rich and vibrant colors of rural Punjab. Even within the genre of Bhangra there is much diversity in style and each performance is unique and creative in its own way.  Check out our Photo to see more Bhangra!

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