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Thank You

The Bow & Arrow Press owes total debt and gratitude to Adams House, particularly House Masters Judy and Sean Palfrey, and House Administrator Sophia Chaknis. 

In 2008-2009, the press received generous support from the Office for the Arts to have fine arts printer Michael Russem lead a 10-week workshop.  

Student groups associated with the Bow & Arrow Press also have received generous support from the Office for the Arts and the Undergraduate Council at Harvard University.

What You’ve Been Saying

Our collection of quotes.  Have something to add?  Tell us.


In this increasingly automated world, I am drawn to the handmade, the crafted, the arts of times gone by.  I am drawn to the Bow and Arrow Press for the same reason I am drawn to knitting, ham radio, celestial navigation, and          the solitude of mountaintops.

--Peter Hedman, ’10

President, Student-Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe

I enjoy giving out letterpress invitations--the hand-made care, the texture of imprinted letters, the nuance of the color of the ink.

--Lisa Boes

Resident Dean, Pforzheimer House

I love that the first-timer and the old pro work shoulder to shoulder. I love that the attitude is a perfect combination of I'd love to show you how and What do you want to do? I love the chill, inviting mood and the communal celebration of every new print that comes off the press.

--Matt Corriel, ’04

Resident Tutor, Adams House

I got tired of staring at my computer screen all day and wanted to get my hands dirty with some real type.

--Melissa, ’10

on why she took a letterpress class

Letterpress is a beautiful fusion of art, math and design. I love the feel of paper, I love sifting through the fonts, and I love the sound of the printing drum clicking as I pass the sheet through.

--Rebecca Cooper, ‘10

I love thinking about words, and the press allows me to do that in a very physical way. Instead of a word being something I say or see on a computer screen,  a word becomes something with weight, that I can hold in my hand.

--Sally Morrell, ’10

Student Print Master, Bow & Arrow Press