Freshman Arts Seminar (Spring)

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for freshmen only! students explore language as both a verbal and visual medium by responding to a series of creative problems. students in the seminar get to reserve the press up to a week in advance. the creative problems may include:

Problem #1: Re-organizing Organization
Anagramming our names in small groups.  

Problem #2: Palimpsests
Finding a new poem buried inside another.

Problem #3: Representing the Alphabet
How might we visually represent the aural behavior of the alphabet? 

Problem #4: A More Visual Thesaurus 
Using a word's field of synonyms to create a graphic representation of that word.

Problem #5: Swarms, Schools, Clouds & Clusters 
If letters don't represent language, what else might they illustrate?

Problem #6: Getting to One
How do we define "unique" in the era of mechanical reproduction?

Problem #7: New Book Arts
Sewing handmade books and building an exhibition space for Arts First.

Galley Deposit                           

there is no galley deposit for the freshman arts seminar.  a cleaned and cleared galley is, however, a requirement for a “SAT” grade in the class. see our galley page.