What it is

Why you’d want one

How you get it

Rules & regulations                


  1. 1.What is a galley?

    A galley is a kind of filing cabinet for your projects, where you can safely save your set type. Think of it as the old fashioned << [control] + [s] >>

  2. 2.Why would you want one?

    Good question.  Most people won’t need to save their projects because they’ll be setting and printing all in one evening.  But if you’re working on a larger project--a broadside, a poster, a booklet--you’ll need to save all your handset work somewhere.  The galley is where you’d want to save it.

    It’s optional for open press nights, and required for our classes: the 4-week crash courses, the 10-week advanced typography and design class, and the freshman arts seminar.

  3. 3.How do you get one?

    You talk to Zachary Sifuentes.  We’ll need a $20 deposit (cash, check made out to Adams House, or Paypal with a note to zacharysifuentes [at] that same day. 

    We’ll give you a numbered galley tray and put your name on the galley list.  That way, you’ll remember which tray is yours!

  4. 4.What are the rules and regulations?

    Hey, everyone’s got ‘em, and we’re like everyone.  The basic rule is this: keep it in your galley, keep it tidy, and clean it out.  But beyond the basics:

  5. a)Only type and the galley label in the galley--and only after speaking to one of us!

  6. b)Tie up your type with string.  Here’s a tutorial on how.

  7. c)Fill out the galley label and include it with your type.

  8. d)We audit the galleys on a weekly basis--if we find stuff that isn’t marked or in an unreserved galley, we clear it.

  9. e)We clean up the galleys every semester--so get those projects done! Hey--we all need deadlines, so here’s yours.

  10. f)We refund your deposit at the end of each semester.  And yes, you can carry over the deposit to the next semester, but you still have to clean out your galley!