Here you go: our recommended sources for everything you’ll need to get it done.  Can you mix-n-match? Sure. Go elsewhere? Yup. Just pay us to do your project?  Of course. But in any case, it just so happens this is where we go: 


Boxcar Press (photopolymer)

Owosso (metal)


Michael Winifred Bixler


Boxcar Press


Utrecht (commercial--Harvard Square)

Pearl (commercial--Central Square)

Artist Craftsman (commercial--Central Square)

Atlantic (handmade)

Twinrocker (handmade)

Letterpress Supplies

NA Graphics

Briar Press (classifieds)

eBay (hit or miss)

Craigslist (mostly miss, but...)

Knowledge, Inspiration & Zen Attitudes

Kat Ran Press

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