About The Harvard Brain

Welcome to The Harvard Brain, the student-run journal of the undergraduate Harvard Society for Mind, Brain, and Behavior. We aim to bring a wider understanding of human behavior and mental life to the Harvard community and beyond. As such, The Harvard Brain showcases original student writing on a wide range of MBB-related topics, from computer science to economics, human evolutionary biology to psychology. Additionally, the magazine publishes articles written by esteemed professors such as Steven Pinker and Peter Singer and interviews icons who skillfully merge science and popular culture for the annual Cranium Cup. Past recipients include Hugh Laurie, lead actor in House, M.D.

The Harvard Brain began in 1991 as a collection of writings from the members of the then Harvard Undergraduate Society for Neuroscience. Since then, the journal has evolved from its humble beginnings, slowly emerging from the inner circle of the Harvard Society for Mind, Brain, and Behavior, which eclipsed the narrower Neuroscience group, and establishing itself as a professional-quality college-wide publication. What was just a few years ago a text-only review of HSMBB events is now a full-fledged magazine, boasting high-quality science writing, pertinent graphics, a sophisticated layout, and outside advertisements. Check out our work on the archives page, find out how to join us on the members page, and see how to support on magazine on the sponsors page.

The Harvard Brain is funded in part by the Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative at Harvard University.