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Harvard C-Sharp was founded very recently in the spring of 2003. The founding members were a group of friends who had a passion for singing as well as Asian music. Wishing for a place where they could combine those two passions, they decided to start an a cappella group that specialized in Asian music. C-Sharp was born, Harvard's one and only Asian music a cappella group. C-Sharp fuses the sounds of Asian pop music with the style of a cappella in hopes of bringing Asian culture to the Harvard community and beyond in a unique and engaging way.

Only recently becoming officially recognized as a group at Harvard, C-Sharp has made a name for itself and has been invited to perform at several high profile events around Boston this year (see upcoming events page). Our biggest event every year is our spring concert, which we have held for the past two years.

Contact email: csharp@hcs.harvard.edu OR jpan@fas.harvard.edu (webmaster)