The Constitution

The document which precedes and grants the Board’s authority is the Constitution of the Harvard College Environmental Action Committee. You can read the full document here.

The Board, Spring 2016

Naomi Asimow ’18
Sabrina Devereaux ’18

  • EAC Chairs are responsible for the general oversight of the group, and its public figureheads. They coordinate with other environmental groups on campus.

Alicia Juang ’18

  • The Treasurary (aka Treasurer/Secretary) handles the group’s operations and administrative/financial details.

Camille DeSisto ’19

  • The Outreach chair facilitates the EAC’s work with other student groups, student government organs, environmental advocacy groups both on and off campus, and Harvard’s administration.

Lexi Smith ’18 and John Bowers ’18

  • Come one, come all! The EAC’s annual Earth Day celebration is coming to Harvard’s campus this April! Whether you’re in charge of a student group that would like to be present, you want to sing your heart out on stage, or you just love t-shirts with environmental puns, find out how to get involved by coming to an EAC board meeting or contacting our chairs. There’s much to do before pre-frosh weekend!

Caroline Juang ’17
Jasmine Opie ’16
Terilyn Chen ’16
Kristen Wraith ’14
Danny Wilson ’14
Sachi Oshima ’13
Serena Zhao ‘12
John Beatty ‘11
Jackson Salovaara ’11
Gracie Brown ’11
Katie Walter ’10
Karen McKinnon ’10
Zach Arnold ’10
Spring Greeney ’09
Amy Heinzerling ’08
Mitch Hunter ’08
Henry Cowles ’08
Faon O’Connor ’08

  • Former Chairs sit in an ex officio position on the board as Historians to retain institutional memory and to continue to help guide the EAC in its long-term efforts.
Former EAC Co-Chairs John Beatty and Jackson Salovaara after winning the 2011 Earth Day Pie Eating Contest