Sign up to give a seminar

Larry Wall. Paul Graham. Brad Pitt. These are just a few of giants that HCS has invited to speak at Harvard in the past. (Ok, I may have been lying about that last one.) HCS has been good lately about bringing in famous outsiders to lend us bits of their wisdom (pun intended). However, we have been less good about tapping an even more immediate source of knowledge: you! And that's about to change.

This semester, HCS would like to resume its highly acclaimed seminar series. These seminars are bi-weekly hour-long talks on a tech-related topic of your choice, with a target audience of your choice (although we will explicitly advertise the seminar program around campus as being open to everyone). If you are interested in giving a seminar, you're in the right place. The commitment on your part is minimal (you just have to prepare a talk), times are flexible, and you don't have to be an active HCS member to participate. Topics can be anything, technical or not. As inspiration, here are some sample topics:

- Turbo Development on Rails
- Computing digits of pi
- Why anything Microsoft is a terrible idea
- Linux for Dummies
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