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April 1 to 11, 2011

HPF Dances Sayaw sa Bangko at Eastbound!
April 8, 2011, Friday
Lowell Lecture Hall

Field Trip to JNJ Turo-Turo Authentic Filipino Cuisine restaurant and Filipino supermarket in Quincy
April 9, 2011, Saturday
Quincy Center, MA

D1 Picnic in Boston!
April 10, 2011, Sunday
Magazine Beach along Memorial Drive

Recent Events

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March 2011

Pamilya Dinner
March 3, 2011, Thursday
Leverett D-hall

Discussion Event on Science and Technology in the Philippines
March 26, 2011, Saturday
Cambridge, MA

Pamilya Dinner
March 30, 2011, Wednesday
Leverett D-hall

Past Events

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Fall 2009

HPF Year-ender
Dec. 4, Friday
6-9pm, Penang
A year-end, pre-break celebration.

HPF Speaker Series: Land of My Birth
Dec. 4, Friday
3-4pm, Sever Hall
A presentation by Dr. Mark Munoz on some of the present socio-political challenges the Philippines faces.

HPF Speaker Series: The Muslim Conflict in Mindanao and Lessons in Asia
Nov. 15, Friday
3-5pm, Ticknor Lounge
A discussion of conflicts in the Muslim regions of Mindanao and Aceh, with Atty. Anna Su and Mr. Aguswandi.

October 31, Saturday
8-10pm, Mather JCR
A Halloween celebration with your favorite people and a favorite Filipino treat!

Typhoon Ketsana Benefit Show
October 16, Friday
7-9pm, SOCH Function Hall
An HPF Fundraiser for the benefit of victims of Typhoons Ketsana and Parma.

T&T Workshop
September 19, Saturday
3-4:30, Leverett JCR
Get a taste of some of HPF staples - turon and tinikling. If you don't know what we're talking
about, that's just another sign that you really need to go.

Session (Get Involved Weekend)
September 5, Saturday
3-4 PM, SOCH South Collaborative Room
Learn about HPF's history, activities, and ways you can get involved!

Student Activities Fair
September 2, Wednesday
4-7 PM, SOCH
Meet HPF members and sign up for our listserv!

Spring 2009

Pre-frosh Activities Fair
April 26, Sunday
3-5pm, SOCH
Poach those pre-frosh! A chance to promote the club and identify potential members.

April 25, Saturday
2-4pm, MAC Quad
“Sigla!” is Filipino for energy, excitement, and vibrance. Experience an afternoon hanging out with the Harvard Philippine Forum and playing some traditional Filipino games like sipa and tumbang preso. Come try something new, enjoy a sunny afternoon outdoors, have a snack, and hang out with some great people! We’re a warm and fun-loving bunch and everyone is welcome.

SEA Night 2009
April 17, Friday
7-10pm - Lev Dining Hall
A celebration of South East Asia with food, cultural performances, comedy skits, and a fashion show. Co-sponsored with HVA, Thai Society, and SIAMA.

HPF Relay for Life!
April 10-11, Friday-Saturday
6pm-6am - Gordon Indoor Track
An American Cancer Society fundraising event - HPF raised over $500.

Wow! Philippines
April 9, Thursday
9:30pm, Leverett D-Entry Dining Room
Consider it an Introductory Introduction to the Philippines. Learn about our food, our culture, our history, and our people.

Cesar Chavez Day
April 3, Friday
5-7 pm, Ticknor Lounge