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Board Members

Michael Lindeborg, Co-President Co-President

Michael Lindeborg

Class of 2014 | Concentration: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

I am currently a junior in Kirkland house from Southern California.  I love music, snowboarding, and traveling.  At Harvard, I play the oboe in the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, conduct bench research in stem cell biology, and work as a patient advocate for Health Leads.  Global Health is a field in which I truly hope to make a difference.  In my opinion, global health interventions can achieve more success with a better understanding of how the biology of a disease interacts with the social context of its environment.  My passion, therefore, lies in approaching global health through this perspective.  I strongly feel that the global health community provided by HUGHF is one of the best ways to spread awareness and positively impact global health at Harvard.

Divya Seth, Co-President


Divya Seth

Class of 2014 | Concentration: Neurobiology

Secondary Field: Global Health and Health Policy

I’m from Rochester, NY, the snowy winter wonderland.  At Harvard, I am a social advocate in Health Leads and also actively involved in the International Relations Council, through the Harvard International Review and Intercollegiate Model UN Team.  Global health is my passion because while we may have cultural or economic differences, we all are similar because of our humanness and our biology; therefore I think it is wrong that there can be such sharp differences in health conditions around the world and that this is the time to equalize health accessibility and affordability.

Bran Shim, President EmeritusPresident Emeritus
Bran Shim
Class of 2014 | Concentration: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

Secondary Field: Global Health and Health Policy

Originally from New York, I am currently a sophomore in Cabot House.  On campus, I am the Publicity/Advertising Manager and Principal Bassist of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, produce videos for the Harvard Crimson, and of course, work for HUGHF. Thanks to the support of my peers in the Global Health Forum, I have become involved in a number of exciting projects, including developing a multimedia didactic aid for community health workers in Southeast Asia and leading statistical analyses on a longitudinal study on former child soldiers in West Africa. Before coming to Harvard, I spent my summers traveling the world, studying everything from media studies in England to traditional medicine in China. I used to ascribe to the idea of learning about different people to build a cultural “bridge” between them, but now I feel that we are first and foremost a singular human race with equitable hopes, dreams, and rights – including the right to healthcare.

Michelle Lee, Vice-President of Programming  Vice-President of Programming

Michelle Lee

Class of 2015 | Concentration: Psychology

Secondary Field: Global Health and Health Policy

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, I moved fourteen times to several places across North America, an experience that has given me a love for diversity and travel.  I strongly believe that health is a universal right, and am very interested in exploring ways to approach sustainable healthcare in a global setting.  In addition to HUGHF, I work as an Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program coordinator at the admissions office, and mentor teens for the Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment Program. In my spare time, I also love to play the flute, listen to the Beatles, and grab Pinkberry with friends. In the future, I hope to become a pediatrician who is deeply involved in improving health care in low resource areas.

Jan Gong, Vice President of Community Outreach  Vice President of Community Outreach

Jan Gong
Class of 2015 | Concentration: Chemical and Physical Biology

I am from Garden City, NY, and I am passionate about global health because working to decrease the disparities in healthcare worldwide can prevent needless deaths and improve the lives of many. Specifically, I am interested in epidemiology and sustainable healthcare. At Harvard, aside from HUGHF, I am involved in THURJ, the Harvard Pre-Medical Society, hospital volunteering, and research in chemical biology.

Bridget Gosis, Sandbox ChairVice President of Internships

Bridget Gosis

Class of 2015 | Concentration: Undecided

I hail from the sunny side of the States: beautiful Los Angeles, California. Other than the Global Health Forum, I am involved in the Harvard Premedical Society, and I volunteer with the PBHA Program ExperiMentors and at the Cambridge Hospital. In my free time, I enjoy playing Texas Hold’em Poker and window shopping at expensive clothing stores that I cannot afford. I have been interested in global health since high school, particularly mental health. I strongly believe everyone deserves the right to health care, and I hope that one day I will be able to help that happen.



Amna Hashmi

Class of 2016 | Concentration: Undecided

Originally from Baltimore, MD, I am currently a freshman at Harvard College living in Canaday. I became invested in global health through my travels, having witnessed desperate poverty in the slums of Mumbai, the favelas of Brazil, and the townships of South Africa, where pervasive disease encumbers an already burdened population. As a child of a Pakistani mother and an Indian father, I have come to appreciate my unique perspective as a bridge spanning diverse cultures and extending over international and local levels simultaneously. Along with HUGHF, I serve as a news reporter covering virtual education for the Harvard Crimson newspaper, as an Event Support member of the Institute of Politic’s JFK Jr. Forum, and as a Finance Associate for Eleganza, a fashion show benefitting Teen Empowerment. In my spare time, I love to play squash, sing, and catch up on my favorite television shows.

michelle leeTreasurer

Michelle S. Lee

Class of 2016 | Concentration: Undecided

Originally from Western Pennsylvania, I am a freshman living in the awesome Straus Hall.  As the issue of global allocation and distribution of health care continues to challenge our generation, I look forward to working with the dedicated members of HUGHF to become more educated about these challenges and raise awareness.  In my free time, I enjoy listening to and playing music, working out, and writing for the Crimson newspaper.

Austin Lee, Education DirectorEducation DirectorAustin Lee

Class of 2016 | Concentration: Undecided

Born in San Antonio, Texas, raised in Chicago, Illinois and matured in Orange County, California, I have had the opportunity to live across the United States. I was drawn to the concept of global health based off my first-hand experiences with developing healthcare systems worldwide and global inequities in access to basic, medical needs. I find HUGHF a truly rewarding experience that offers both a mouthpiece to new, student-led programming while fulfilling the pillars of advocacy, activism and awareness in the realm of global health. Outside of HUGHF, I am also involved in the Harvard College Consulting Group and various, research endeavors.

Conference Director
Bianca Mulaney
Class of 2016 | Concentration: Undecided
Hailing from sunny Florida and entering Harvard as a freshman last fall, I braced myself for the cold weather and dove right into numerous on-campus activities — but within the first few weeks I knew (after meeting its enthusiastic and amiable members) that the Harvard Undergraduate Global Health Forum (HUGHF) would be one of my long-term passions. I joined the GHC (high-school conference) this year as a webmaster and am excited to plan and direct the 2014 event!
Outside of HUGHF, I am a member of the band, flute ensemble, and tap-dancing company and serves as Internal Relations Director of Smart Women Securities, a financial investing club for women. I have not yet decided on a concentration, but I am interested in both Neurobiology and Economics with a secondary field in Global Health. Ultimately, I hope to combine my passions for medicine and economics as a practicing physician, scientific researcher, and/or businesswoman.

David Shin, Associate Board Member

Research Assistant Program Director

David Shin

Class of 2014 | Concentration: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Originally from the hot and dry suburbs of Riverside, California, I am currently a sophomore residing in glorious Dunster House. At Harvard, I study Molecular and Cellular Biology, and besides HUGHF, am involved in a PBHA Chinatown Teen Mentoring program as well as in the International Relations Council through the Model UN and National Model UN. For me, global health provides a unique perspective apart from the sciences into the health arena that really piques my interest; in particular, I have a growing interest in a preventable issue in global health known as non-communicable diseases that has become such a tremendous threat to the modern world due to political, economic, and crisis-related circumstances. It will be interesting to see how the world will meet these significant challenges in the upcoming years, and how we, as students and advocates of global health, will play a role in helping solve such problems.


Associate Board Member

Samuel “Gus” Ruchman

Class of 2015 | Concentration: Neurobiology

I am a freshman in Thayer from Cos Cob, CT. In high school I was actively engaged in issues of mobility through fundraising and awareness efforts for the Wheelchair Foundation and volunteering at a Veterans Administration Hospital. I deferred my Harvard admission one year, and as a Global Citizen Year Fellow I spent seven months working in public health, immersed in a semi-rural community in Senegal. I am also the Director of Programming and Innovation for the Harvard Undergraduate Bioethics Society and sing in the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum.

Associate Board Member

Ishani Premaratne

Class of 2015 | Concentration: Anthropology

Originally from Sri Lanka, I was born in Hawaii, live in Virginia, and am now happy to call Harvard my home for the school year!  As a freshman, I am excited by all the opportunities on campus and was drawn to the Global Health Forum because of its hardworking and dedicated board members who all have a genuine interest in global health.  Outside of the classroom, I enjoy ice skating, reading outside on sunny afternoons, and traveling–and of course, having my twin sister here on campus to experience it all with me!

Alexandra Goodwin, Expert Panel Chair

Global Medical Brigades (Panama) Chair

Zan Goodwin

Class of 2013 | Concentration: Human Evolutionary Biology

Secondary Field: Global Health and Health Policy

I am born and raised in New York City, my mom was born in France and my dad was born in the US. With the HUGH forum, I run a medical trip to Honduras/Panama, where we set up a week-long mobile medical clinic, under the care of an organization called the Global Medical Brigades. Also on campus, I am an intern for the Women and Health Initiative at the Public Health school. My specific interest in global health is women’s health, specifically maternal health. When I am not studying the sciences, I try to jog, meditate, knit and do yoga more often.

Homan Mohammadi, Director of Internships

Global Medical Brigades (Panama) Chair

Homan Mohammadi

Class of 2014 | Concentration: Neurobiology

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, I am currently a proud resident of Eliot House.  On campus, I conduct research in neurobiology/stem cell biology at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and am very involved in community service.  I also love travelling and use every chance I get to learn about new cultures.  In my spare time, I enjoy playing the guitar and hitting up Felipe’s with my friends.  I am fascinated by global health because it is an issue that has no boundaries and a problem that has been widely overlooked in the past decades.



Jeanette Schnierle, MEDLIFE Internship Chair

MEDLIFE (Peru) Internship Chair

Jeanette Schnierle

Class of 2013 | Concentration: Neurobiology

I was born in Mexico, but I grew up in Grosse Ile, Michigan.  My passion for global health, medicine, and sustainable development grew once I traveled to Latin America through MEDLIFE. Outside of HUGHF and class, you can find me dancing and directing Expressions Dance Company and hanging around Currier with my blockmates!

Riana Balahadia, Associate Board Member

Associate Board Member

Riana Balahadia

Class of 2014 | Concentration: Human Evolutionary Biology

I’m from Jersey City, NJ, with the Big Apple in my backyard. However I have also lived in the Philippines; there I witnessed the stark contrast between the poor and privileged and became interested in global health. My passion lies in nutrition because I believe everyone should have access to a variety of food to fulfill their nutrient needs and reach their fullest potential. At Harvard, I sing with the Veritones a capella group, plan events for Harvard Philippine Forum, and work in a nutrition ecology lab.

Yun Jee Kang, Associate Board Member

Associate Board Member

Yun Jee Kang

Class of 2014 | Concentration: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

I am originally from Guilderland, NY, but I am happy to call Dunster my home during the school year. Having limited exposure and knowledge of global health joining HUGHF, I am now committed to developing my understanding of the challenges that face us as a global community and preparing myself for life outside the Harvard bubble as a member of this community. Besides HUGHF, I am also involved in tutoring, Harvard Project for Sustainable Development, and the Crimson Care Collaborative.



Emily Nice, Finance Chair

Associate Board Member 

Emily Nice

Class of 2015 | Concentration: Undecided

I come from Hanover, NH, the town of Dartmouth College.  I am currently a freshman in the wonderful Wigglesworth and a member of the G-unit entryway.  I wanted to join HUGHF ever since I was here for Visitas.  I coincidentally stayed with Helen (she was the President at that time) over the Visitas weekend, and she not only gave me a tremendous introduction to the club, but also to Harvard!  I am so happy to now be an official member.  The field of global health is so important and the club does an excellent job of getting everyone excited about it.  I plan to be involved with the global health field in the future, and HUGHF is such a great place to start!

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