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The Harvard Undergraduate Global Health Forum (HUGHF) provides the Harvard undergraduate community with a comprehensive view of global health issues alongside opportunities to actively address them through field work.  HUGHF:
  1. raises awareness in the Harvard undergraduate community of pressing global health challenges by using meetings as a forum to discuss these issues and disseminating information on pertinent world health topics,
  2. provides undergraduates with an expert opinion on confronting global health challenges by hosting dinners, presentations, panel discussions, and conferences with notable experts in the field, both from Harvard faculty and NGOs, and
  3. engages students in global health field projects abroad under the umbrella of large NGOs and partner organizations, thereby realizing the volunteer potential of an informed Harvard student body.
From the very beginning, the HUGHF has worked to stay true to its name — we do not have a rigid institutional structure that devalues new members or pigeonholes members to one position.  Rather, we try to be a literal “forum” for everyone interested in global health that allows members to propose new projects or join an established project from their very first day.  The Executive Board has expanded since our founding as the breadth of our work has grown, but we take special pride in that the primary work of each officer has not changed since s/he first joined HUGHF: to provide the Harvard community with a comprehensive and direct understanding of global health.

HUGHF is an officially recognized student-run organization at Harvard College.

The Harvard College name and/or shield are trademarks of the President and Fellows of Harvard College and are used by permission of Harvard University.