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Voices in the Wind

In conjunction with Partners in Health and project founder Gershon Gurin-Podlish, the “Children’s Voices in the Wind” project sends kites to children in Haiti who were affected by the earthquake disaster.  Each kite contains a handwritten message from a member of the Harvard student body as a symbol of hope and strength in the midst of an unstable environment.  In addition to focusing on physical health, HUGHF recognizes the importance of social and mental well-being.  As a simple gift, these kites are meant to give happiness to the children and bridge the gap between our culture and their own.  HUGHF has an annual event during the Visitas weekend, asking prospective Harvard students to send a message to children in Haiti, donate to cover the price of receiving a kite and sending one to Haiti, or simply fly a kite to raise Haiti earthquake disaster awareness.

HUGHF is an officially recognized student-run organization at Harvard College.

The Harvard College name and/or shield are trademarks of the President and Fellows of Harvard College and are used by permission of Harvard University.