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  • Our mission:

    The Harvard College Global Hunger Initiative works to address the underlying causes of the global food crisis by brainstorming and developing new models that can alleviate the recent food shortage, advance education, improve health, increase economic opportunity, and tackle the root causes of the global poverty.  We advocate for policies that increase emergency aid to those affected by the global food crisis, as well as long-term developmental programs in affected countries. The Harvard College Global Hunger Initiative has an agenda of both action and advocacy, bridging students from the undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, as well as community members in Cambridge and Allston to alleviate chronic hunger. We are committed to helping families in poor communities improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over poverty.  We pursue our mission with both compassion and commitment.  With action as our core priority, the Harvard College Global Hunger Initiative organizes community-wide events on campus to raise awareness about hunger and homelessness, as well as volunteering with local Boston food shelters to foster our philosophy of “thinking globally, acting locally.”  The Harvard Global Hunger Initiative does more than raise consciousness – it provides substantive ways to engage students. Current solutions to alleviating the global food crisis has shown to be frail in recent years.  We need creativity, novel thinking, and the bridging of disciplines to create sustainable models for alleviating global food insecurity.

    Our vision:
    The vision of our organization is to be one that will encompass advocacy, action, and education.  Our team approaches this vision with the following goals:

    • To create awareness about global poverty issues, especially those surrounding chronic hunger
    • To teach about the catalysts that perpetuate poverty
    • To add to the student experience at Harvard, by providing a platform where students interested in international development can get involved
    • To be a three-pillared organization that focuses on: (i) advocacy, (ii) action, and (iii) education, related to issues regarding both local and global food insecurity
    • To help alleviate hunger and homelessness in our local community by volunteering regularly with local Boston food shelters.
    • To develop new, creative models for the alleviation of chronic hunger and sustainable solutions for the global food shortage
    • To connect our peers into networks that work towards the goals of poverty relief
    • To advocate and lobby for greater U.S. involvement in foreign aid, in both emergency food aid, as well as long-term developmental programs
    • To expand and improve existing emergency programs and models, bridging students from all disciplines
    • To develop long-term strategies to address chronic hunger
    • To bring the issues of global poverty and chronic hunger to the forefront of Harvard’s agenda