Welcome to the Harvard College Go Club!

We're a student-run organization dedicated to spreading Go throughout Harvard. Our meetings are 8-10pm every Sunday in Eliot dining hall. Join us for food and casual games! Beginners are always welcome.

Go, known as "Weiqi" in Chinese and "Baduk" in Korean, is a board game that builds local tactics and global strategic vision. In mathematics, there is a phenomenon where startlingly simple rules give rise to incomprehensibly beautiful complexity; the classic example is Conway's game of Life. Go is another instance of this phenomenon. Across a 19x19 board, two players place stones to surround territory, kill enemy pieces, and surround large dominions. While little tricks (tesuji) are often useful, even more essential is understanding how each stone influences the board as a whole. Go, a slower, more multi-facted game than chess, has not yet been solved by computers, and can be seen as a metaphor for human experience.

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