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Update on Citizen Schools!

By on October 21, 2011

Last week, 6th grade students at Edwards Middle School got to learn about the human body- here you can see them drawing out what they learned on their own diagrams, made from tracing their own body.  Can you spy the digestive system, circulatory system, and the respiratory system?

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Harvard College Health Advocacy Program's mission is to connect Boston youth and Harvard undergraduates with health education and wellness resources so that they may actively pursue a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this goal off-campus, HAP's mentors work with elementary, middle, and high school students to teach hands-on health curricula covering topics such as nutrition, exercise, food advertising, and music and noise induced hearing damage in youth. On-campus, HAP promotes our mission by hosting health-themed study breaks, group exercise socials, and resourceful cooking seminars. We believe bringing together undergraduates passionate about healthy living will enable us to improve the health of the communities in which we live.


  1. Sharada
    November 12, 2011

    What a great project. It is the ideal way to teach nutrition.

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