Harvard College Health Advocacy Program

Faculty Chats

If a professor you know (not necessarily Harvard affiliated) does research/teaches on a health-related topic, invite him/her to share ideas with undergrads over lunch/dinner!  This is a really great way to get to know your professors better in a casual setting outside the classroom!  If you have someone in mind, email:

Jenny Makovkina <makovkina@college.harvard.edu>

Past Faculty Chat hosts:

LoDr. Clifford Lo

Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, HMS




ReginaRabinovichDr. Regina Rabinovich

ExxonMobil Malaria Scholar in Residence

Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases



Paul Barreria is named the new director of Harvard University Health ServicesDr. Paul Barreira

Director of Harvard University Health Services



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