Harvard College Health Advocacy Program

Cooking Seminar

“Can you cook?”

“If by ‘cook’ you mean microwaveable mac & cheese, or Ramen, or PB&J sandwiches..”

Why is it the “typical college diet” consists of processed foods requiring no cooking skills? Ramen’s great for the stomach flu…not so much for nutrition, and after a few days (or weeks), the taste gets boring.

We have the incredible luxury to decide what we eat everyday- so keep your appetite healthy and your plate colorful!  We’re here to help you get creative, and you’ll find HUDS food a lot less repetitive while maintaining control over what you take into your body.

If you have cooking experience and/or want to share your HUDS creation with other undergrads, contact our Cooking Seminar Directors:

Mos Laoprapassorn <laoprapassorn@college.harvard.edu>

Emery Poor <epoor@college.harvard.edu>

Mos and Emery are deciding on the exact format for the Cooking Seminar over jterm, whether the seminar will consist of just combinations of HUDS ingredients and/or cooking in one of the house common kitchens with ingredients purchased from outside of HUDS.  Stay posted and contact them if you have any ideas/suggestions!


Photo credit: Alice Han, Cabot house



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