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Life is Good Parties

Ever notice that “going out” on the weekend usually implies getting drunk? We’re providing an alternative to partying it up with delicious food, great company, and the best of dancing!  Even Dove agrees that there are alternative ways to let loose on the weekend.

life is good

The concept for the Life is Good Parties arose out of an interest to gather students together on the weekends with awesome (actual) dance music, great healthy snacks from Trader Joe’s, and good company.  The playlist includes Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Smash Mouth, and dance classics like Daft Punk’s “Once More Time,” Wild Cherry’s “Play that Funky Music,” Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body,” to name a few.  We’ve even played some Jet and One Direction. (Nirvana is secretly hidden on the playlist).  Crazy mix, right? But it’s all about having fun and playing the music people want to hear on a Saturday night. The vibe is always chill, and people are free to socialize, dance, eat, dance some more, dance and eat, or just simply enjoy the night.

Yes, Dove chocolates have made their appropriate appearance.  Life is good, so be the first to hit the dance floor.

be the first to hit the dance floor

If you’re interested in getting involved in organizing, contact

Emily Field <emilyfield@college.harvard.edu>

Check out some of our previous menu items here!

1397828_10202447561176548_142162850_o From Spring 2013 in Ticknor Lounge

life is good second partyFrom Fall 2013, in Holden Chapel


Pictures from previous Life is Good Parties


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