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To get in touch with HAP, please email us at hap.harvard@gmail.com 




Gita Bhattacharya is a sophomore in Cabot House concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and Mathematics.   Originally from Yorba Linda, CA, she joined HAP her first year to spread awareness about music-induced hearing damage in youth.  Based off of her personal experience with tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and working with Dangerous Decibels and The American Tinnitus Association, Gita developed the class “Sound Knowledge: the physics and biology of hearing” for middle and high school students through the ESP program.   As Co-President of HAP, Gita will continue teaching “Sound Knowledge,”  while also fostering HAP’s promotion of general wellness, health and happiness.  <gitabhattacharya@college.harvard.edu>

Tiffany LopinskyTiffany Lopinsky is a sophomore in Lowell House concentrating in Government with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy, originally from Stoneham, MA.  She joined HAP as a freshman and taught an ESP class called “The Biology of Nutrition.”  After becoming one of the program co-directors, she helped revamp the class and renamed it, “Exploring the Science and Politics of Nutrition.”  She is eager to continue promoting health and wellness at Harvard and in the greater Boston community.  This year she will be leading HAP as one of our Co-Presidents. <tiffanylopinsky@college.harvard.edu>


Juliet Bailin IBC HeadshotJuliet Bailin is originally from Connecticut and currently a junior living in Pforzheimer House concentrating in History with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. She joined HAP her freshmen fall so that she could help develop innovative programming from day one, crafting a misleading food advertising class for the Educational Studies Program and joining Board in the spring as Outreach Coordinator to engage the Harvard community through initiatives such as our Annenberg Fruit Study Break. This year, she is most looking forward to putting together official guides for the organization, increasing membership, and fostering new partnerships with other campus organizations. <jbailin@college.harvard.edu>


 gitaJeffrey Edwards is a junior studying Neurobiology with a secondary in African Studies. He is originally from Arlington, TX and now lives in Mather House. He joined HAP because he is passionate about spreading the importance of health and nutrition to the next generation. He most enjoys teaching high school students about the biology of nutrition through the ESP program. He served as treasurer last year and is excited to serve in the position again in order to fund the many different initiatives that HAP has every year. <jeffreyedwards@college.harvard.edu>


ARAlan Rozet hails from from Long Island, New York, and is currently living in Kirkland House studying Neurobiology. He joined HAP to promote how proper nutrition and exercise can really change your life. When he was in high school, getting fit was part of what shaped him into becoming who he is today. It gives you energy, motivation, drive, and all the rest of the positive vocabulary in the thesaurus too, and he can’t wait to bring that to HAP and to Harvard in his time here. His focus is on how to incorporate exercise into our daily life, and so he leads Insanity workouts at the MAC.<arozet@college.harvard.edu>


Emily VEmily Venable is a freshman from southern California living in Thayer who loves reading, running, yoga, paddle boarding, cooking, and exploring and experiencing new things. She joined HAP after her interest in health and nutrition was sparked by her diagnosis of Celiac disease. This caused her to adopt a gluten free diet and made her realize how much a simple diet change can transform your health. She enjoys being part of a group that shares her interests in healthy living. For the coming HAP year, she is looking forward to leading the ESP program, which will combine her two passions: teaching and health. She hopes to use her tutoring experience and knowledge from helping out with ESP in the fall to grow the program.


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Emery Poor is a junior from New York City, living in Cabot House and concentrating in History, Emery joined HAP as a sophomore and began teaching the ESP course “The Biology of Nutrition.” This past semester, she also served as the Assistant Outreach Coordinator, and is excited to kick off the semester ahead as one of HAP’s Cooking Seminar Directors. She looks forward to helping her fellow students cultivate culinary skills that will empower them to create and sustain healthy, balanced meal choices.


jenny mJenny Makovkina: Faculty Chats Jenny  is a sophomore living in Currier House concentrating in Neurobiology (MBB) with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Originally from Boston, MA, she joined HAP during the fall of sophomore year because she was interested in learning more about nutrition and sharing that knowledge with others. This year she will focus on organizing faculty chats on various topics surrounding health and wellness. She is excited to have the opportunity to increase awareness and reflection about health-related issues on Harvard’s campus by being a part of the HAP community.

580334_4594286784321_707047960_nRachel Star: Fruit Study Break.  Rachel is a freshman in Mower from Chicago, IL who loves to cook, run, and learn about health eating. She joined HAP to help make healthy living a larger part of her life and the community around her. This year, Rachel will be the Fruit Study Break Organizer. She is really excited to engage more kids in the process of making healthy choices and work on ways to bring more fruit and vegetables to campus. Rachel is most excited to continue teaching nutrition to the community around her and continue learning herself. <rachelstar@college.harvard.edu>

167127_1523295241727_2991477_nEmily Field: Life is Good Parties Emily Field is a freshman in Lionel, with interests in Applied Math and Environmental Engineering. She grew up in Andover, MA, where she first became interested in health initiatives and nutrition as a dancer. After coming to Harvard, she joined HAP and became involved in planning Life is Good parties. She is excited to help take the challenge out of making healthy choices at Harvard through community outreach.



294556_10150349325303402_256277538_nMarina Defrates is a freshman living in Pennypacker, a Pacific Northwesterner at heart, hailing from the lovely little town of Spokane, Washington. She has no idea what her concentration will be – something involving food perhaps? Marina has always fostered an interest in health and well-being, particularly with regards to nutrition. She enjoys doing yoga, hiking, running, traveling, and generally exploring. But most of all, she loves to prepare and/or nosh on healthy and tasty edibles! She also works with the Food Literacy Project and Community Gardens on campus and is looking forward to sharing the food love through HAP. <marinadefrates@college.harvard.edu>


UntitledAlice Li ’14 is currently a senior in Winthrop House concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy.  Originally from Southern California, she initially joined HAP after learning about food deserts in LA as a volunteer with the Citizen schools junior high teaching apprenticeship program.  After becoming a Citizen Program Director her sophomore spring, she expanded the focus of HAP to include both off-campus and on-campus health initiatives as HAP president her junior year.  She is excited about the breadth of initiatives HAP has to offer its club members and she would love to meet new members- just find her at the 8am insanity workouts! <ahli@college.harvard.edu, alice.jade.li@gmail.com>


  • Jeanne Marie Mahon – Director, Center for Wellness (jmahon@uhs.harvard.edu)
  • Clifford W. Lo – Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, HSPH (clifford.lo@tch.harvard.edu)



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