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Current Issue: Fall 2002
The Scientific Revolution in Asia

This Issue's Contributors

FEATURE: The Scientific Revolution in Asia

Whither Biotechnology in Japan?
Why biotechnology hasn’t yet taken off
Arthur Kornberg

Manchurian Plague
Medicine and politics, East and West
by William Summers

The Future of Chinese Education
Educational reform and development in China
by Chen Zhili

Libraries in Asia
New life for libraries in the digital age
by Hwa Wei-Lee

China’s Manned Space Program
What is that all about?
by Joan Johnson-Freese

Research and Development in China
Traditions, transformations, and the future of science and technology policy
by Zeng Guoping and Li Zhengfeng

Science and Technology in China
Personal recommendations for the advancement of Chinese technology
by Shing-Tung Yau

The Chinese Mindset
What science and technology have done for modern China
by Song Jian

Papermaking in China
Ancient science and technology transfer
by Pan Jixing


China and the WTO
A report from one year after accession
by Jin Liqun

Globalization and Federalization
New challenges for Asia and the world
by Wu Jiaxiang

China’s Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
Breaking the surface of a challenging problem
by Wu Junhua

REGION: Northeast Asia

Elections in Japan
How elections affect the economy
by Junichiro Wada

North Korea
Present and future
Robert Scalapino

REGION: Central and South Asia

Schooling in Iran
Education in Central Asia’s Most Enigmatic Country
by Yadollah Mehralizadeh

Globalizing What?
History, economics, equity, and efficiency
by Amartya Sen

REGION: Pan Asia

Cities and Globalization
The present and future of urban space
by Saskia Sassen


East and West
The ideogram versus the phonogram
By Shigeru Nakayama

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