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Current Issue: Summer '00
Binary Asia

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From the Editors

FEATURE: The Internet in Asia

Asia's Piece of the Pie
A Region's entry into Dot-Com Universe
by Ang Peng Hwa

Web, Wap & WTO
China's Own WWW
by Duncan Clark

Staffing China's Internet Revolution
An Interview with Larry Wang

Searching for Substance
The Reality of China's Internet Development
by Yang Xia

Seeds of Success
Building China's Information Technology Industry
by Kathleen Hartford

Location, Location, Location
The Information-Based Economy and Beijing
by Yin Zhihe

Recipe for Success
Industry Leadership in the Network Economy
by Wong Toon King

Is It Real?
A Look at Japan's Internet Venture Boom
by Hironobu Tamaki

SUBFEATURE: The Web as a Voice for Human Rights

Whither the Internet?
Human rights in the Global Information Age
by Monina Wang

Netizens of the World, Unite!
The Clash for Freedom on the Internet in China
by Liu Qing

Tame Gazelle or Trjan Horse?
Divergent Paths for the Internet in China
by Catherine E. Dalpino

Conversing with the Voice of Democracy

Interview with Aung San Suu Kyi


Strange Shores

442 Years of Anomaly in Macau, and Counting
by John E. WIlls, Jr. and Paul Van Dyke

Mickey Mouse meets Suzie Wong
The Changing face of Hong Kong Tourism
by Mike Rowse


Turmoil on the Peninsula: The Need for Economic Reform in North Korea
by Marcus Noland


On the Rebound
Reviving ASEAN-Japanese investment
by J.T. Yamaguchi

REGION: Mainland China

A Theory of Five Parties
by Yang Jian-Li

Belgrade to Beijing
A Trump Card in Chinese Political Strategy
by Nebojsa Spaic

Rising to the Challenge
Interview with An Zhanjun

China's WTO Deal
A Win-Win Deal for both China and the United States
by Fu Jun


Corruption and Public Trust
by Susan J. Pharr


Imperfect Conceptions

by Frank Dikoetter


The 21st Century with an Eye to the Past:

Beyond a Century of Breakthrough in Asia

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