Maria Park ’19

Maria is a junior in Dunster House studying Integrative Biology and Visual & Environmental Studies.  She is interested in helping individuals and communities grow through music, and learning how to play different instruments.  She plays the viola, violin, and piano. Maria likes making art, going on culinary adventures, and being outdoors.




Alex Youn ’21

Alex is a sophomore living in Kirkland House. He has been playing classical guitar since the age of five and acquired some experience playing jazz guitar throughout high school. He loves dogs, especially his whose name is Blaise, The Office, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.






Outreach Chair

 Eliane Grace ’21

Eliane is a sophomore in Quincy House studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Music. She began playing trumpet in the fifth grade, and her favorite memories from high school include playing trumpet in youth orchestra and various ensembles at the Eastman Community Music School. Eliane hopes to increase the accessibility of music to different communities, especially for instruments that might not be as well-known. Eliane enjoys reading, trying new food, and going to concerts with friends.



Co-Finance Chair

  Megan Zhao ’20

Megan is a junior in Cabot House concentrating in Human Evolutionary Biology. She has been playing piano since she was 5 and violin since she was 7. She enjoys reading, running, swimming, and hiking in her spare time.





Co-Finance Chair

Rachel Oshiro ’19

Rachel is a senior in Pforzheimer House studying Molecular and Cellular Biology.  She has played piano since she was five, and she began playing violin in middle school.  She picked up the Chinese erhu in high school. Rachel loves spreading an appreciation of music to others.  In her free time, Rachel loves baking and drinking tea.