Our music collection is located in the Shepard Room in PBHA. The Shepard Room is on the second floor, and the music library is in a white wooden cabinet on the immediate lower left when you enter the room. Please note: This listing will be continually updated as we receive new additions to our collection. Check back often or look in the library for the latest selections. Volunteers: all of you are welcome to xerox any music and leave books for others to use. If you buy music specifically for HARMONY Mentoring on your own, please let us know so we can reimburse you and note the addition to our library. Then, xerox the music you need, and leave the music in the library for others to use. If you would like to donate new or used music to our library, please contact us at harmonymentoring@pbha.org or mail it to the address below with an inventory list.

We appreciate your help in expanding our library!


HARMONY Mentoring

Phillips Brooks House,

Harvard Yard Cambridge, MA 02138