The Harvard College Art Society (aka hART) is a student-run organization dedicated to the visual arts.  We are a group of students who love to draw, paint, collage, sew, dye, photograph, and create.  Some of us have a great deal of experience and training, and some us are complete beginners.  What brings us together is our creativity and love for visual art.

Our vision is of a vibrant visual arts community on campus, where any student artist can easily access materials and studio space, and where artists can come together to create.  We work to increase the awareness of the visual arts among the Harvard community, and we hope the number of students involved in the arts will grow.

We are based out of the Adams Art Space.




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  1. Hey there,
    I’m at the Harvard Ed. School and I’m looking for groups that paint/draw, etc. that I might join. I uses pencils, acrylics and occasionally an ipad. Anything would be helpful. Thanks.


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