Co-Presidents: Winston Boucher and Duligur Ibeling

Winston Boucher

Class: 2016

Concentration: Applied Math and Economics

House: Adams

Ethnicity: 1/2 Caucasian, 1/2 Chinese

Winston hails from the great state of New Hampshire. An avid musician and budding entrepreneur, he plays 5 instruments and is always looking for more to learn.  Currently also in the Investment Research team of the Harvard Financial Analysts Club, as well as the Harvard Archery Team, and the Harvard Badminton Team.

Co-Social Chairs: Lien Le and Skip Rosamilia

Lien Le

Class: 2017

Concentration: Something in the Social Sciences

Dorm: Wigglesworth

Ethnicity: 1/2 Vietnamese, 1/2 vaguely French-Canadian somewhere down the line

Lien makes her way to Harvard from a small Californian desert town proudly known as the “Date Capital of the World” (edible, not romantic). When not expressing her enthusiasm for the great cause of Harvard HAPA, she is probably sleeping. However, on particularly productive days she can also be found working at the Cambridge Queen’s Head, tutoring with PBHA, attending a Crimson Arts meeting, or possibly even going to class. She hopes that everyone reading this will join HAPA.

Education/Politics Chair: Jacob Gollub

Class: 2017

Concentration: Applied Math

Dorm: Apley Court

Ethnicity: 1/2 Caucasian, 1/2 Chinese

Jacob is a freshman in Apley Court and comes from Santa Rosa, California. He plays guitar in the Monday Jazz Band and is a member of the club tennis team. He enjoys listening to music, especially modern jazz, for hours on end and his favorite guitarist is Kurt Rosenwinkel. His all-time favorite TV show is Da Ali G Show. Jacob looks forward to getting to know everyone.

Publicity Chair: Ian Maynor

Class: 2017

Concentration: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Dorm: Canaday

Ethnicity: Korean, Lumbee Indian, Scottish, English, French

Ian is a freshman from the great state of North Carolina. Ian lives in Canaday and is currently thinking about concentrating in some sort of biology and getting a secondary in linguistics. He is pre-med, deciding between a career in research or in medicine, and this summer he is going to spend time in a lab at Jiaotong University in Shanghai.

Treasurer/Secretary: Daniel Leichus

Class: 2016

Concentration: Computer Science

House: Quincy

Ethnicity: 1/2 Canto, 1/2 Caucasian (Sicily/Lichtenstein)

Dan is a sophomore from the great city of Tallahassee, Florida. He worked at a fuel cell company and sailed around the Caribbean last year. An engineer through and through, Daniel is also on Harvard Sailing and in the Harvard Glee Club. He loves to meet people so say hi sometime!


Co-President: Allison Giebisch

Class: 2016

Concentration: East Asian Studies and Global Health and Health Policy

House: Quincy

Ethnicity: 1/2 Austrian, 1/2 Chinese

Allison is a sophomore in Quincy House concentrating in East Asian Studies, with an interest in global health and international law. Allison plays the cello in the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra and serves as the President of the Harvard German Club. She is also spends her time on the Editorial Board of the Harvard International Review as well as Smart Woman Securities. Allison loves reading Jane Austen novels, eating Thai food, hiking, and meeting other HAPAs!

Co-President: Francis Loh

Class: 2015

Concentration: Applied Mathematics

Dorm: Mather House

Ethnicity: ½ Chinese/Japanese, ½ German/Peruvian

Francis is a sophomore in Mather House, studying applied mathematics, with interest in global health and computer science.  Francis grew up in Wyckoff, New Jersey, and took a gap year before attending Harvard. He spends time on Club Tennis, HAPA, reading books about everything, and singing.  In his free time, you can find him in Mather Dining Hall.   Francis also loves his time on Harvard Club Tennis, and in his free time, you can usually find him at some talk on campus, wandering the Annenberg dining hall, or watching House.

Co-President: Jodi Balfe

Class: 2015

Concentration: Astrophysics, Secondary in Economics

Dorm: Kirkland House

Ethnicity: ½ Korean, ½ Caucasian (Irish/German)

Jodi was born in Tokyo, then moved to the small town of Madison, New Jersey where she completed high school. She is now a sophomore majoring in astrophysics, but also is strongly interested in development economics and international law. In addition to Harvard Hapa, she is involved with the Harvard International Relations Council, volunteer tutoring, and is an undergraduate researcher in the Harvard Physics Department.

Vice-President: Andrew Das Sarma

Class: 2015

Concentration: Physics

Dorm: Eliot House

Ethnicity: ½ Indian, ½ Caucasian

Andrew was born and raised in the leafy suburbs of Washington, D.C. He divides his time at Harvard between a number of activities, including the Harvard College Consulting Group, economics research, Global Platinum Securities (a student-run investment fund), the Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association, and — of course — Harvard HAPA. He also enjoys eating, traveling, and sitting in the dining hall until late at night. Andrew earnestly looks forward to assuming the office of the Vice Presidency.

Social Chair: Stefan Poltorzycki

Class: 2015

Concentration: History and Classics, Secondary in French

Dorm: Adams

Ethnicity: ½ Polish Tartar, ½ Italian

Stefan proudly hails from Arlington, Massachusetts. His Asian half is descended from Genghis Khan. When not engaged in all things HAPA, he is President of the Club Fencing team, designs Satire V and the history magazine, runs the Japanese shogunate committee for HMUN, and plays piano around Adams House. In Adams, he occupies Snack Sector 5 (Adams F-12) where he mostly plays Electroswing music and Nintendo64. He enjoys spending summers in France and Italy, and hopes to teach history after graduating. His favorite president is Rutherford B. Hayes.

Education/Political Awareness Chair: Simon Lieu

Class: 2015

Concentration: Physics, Secondary in Statistics

Dorm: Currier House

Ethnicity: ½ Chinese, ½ Polish

Simon is currently a sophomore in Currier House, pursuing a degree in physics with
a secondary in statistics. Originally from Berkeley, CA, Simon moved to Madison,
AL at a young age and lived there until the end of high school. His hobbies include
sports (basketball, soccer, triathlons), watching IMDb 250 movies, and whistling
in the shower. Simon is also a teacher-volunteer and finance coordinator of
ExperiMentors (a Harvard PBHA organization) and a researcher at the Center for

Treasurer: Daniel Leichus

Class: 2016

Concentration: Mechanical Engineering (SB)

Dorm: Grays Hall

Ethnicity: 1/2 Canto, 1/2 Caucasian (Sicily/Lichtenstein)

Dan is a freshman from the great city of Tallahassee, Florida.  He worked at a fuel cell company and sailed around the Caribbean last year.  An engineer through and through, Daniel is also on Harvard Sailing and in the Harvard Glee Club.  He loves to meet people so say hi sometime!




Class of 2013

Alicia Keyes

Allan Hsiao

Hena Haines

Julianne Pelaez

Owen Wurzbacher

Emiko Zumbro

Jackie Quinn

Rayman Aryani

Michael Cherkassky

Carina Fish

George Plummer

Anjali Itzkowitz

Class of 2014

Kerry Hammond

Jason Gandelman

James Carey

Hayley Cuccinello

Samuel Coffin

Schuyler Moore

Victoria Bartlett

Madeline Zhu

Elizabeth Double

Nicole Iacopetti

Ida Hempell

Richard Ebright

Mai Hunt

Sarah Amanullah

Class of 2015

Francis Loh

Ezra Stoller

Li Murphy

Jennifer Campbell

Stefan Poltorzycki

Mike Gaudiani

Andrew C. Das Sarma

Kalina Grabb

Katharine Rainer

Erin Aoyama

Marco Gentili

Caroline Leahy

Ryan Isono

Bianca Trombetta

Alison Buchholtz-Au

Heather Pickerell

Jodi Balfe

Olivia Angiuli

Grace Chen

Lanya Olmsted

Katherine Ebright

Kiko Porte

Jeannie Sui Wonders

Seth Neel

Class of 2016

Justin Giallorenzo

Aya Tange

Eriko Kay

Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence

Jenai Akina

Bianca Trombetta

Preete Srinivasan

Reylon Yount

Garrett Lam

Dillon Cruz

Winston Boucher

Ikaika Bayley

Sophie Welsh

Dev Patel

David Roberts

Allison Biebish

Bo Yarabe

Peter Wu

Adam Vartikar

Katherine Dean

Marcus Schorow

Christine Cahill

Roland Salatino

Lucy Guo

Austin SHin

Hannah Rasmussen

Duligur Ibeling

Nikhil Benesch


Yuga Cohler

Alan Ibrahim

Brittney Lind

James Winter

Sam Galler

James Fish

Lange Luntao

Louise Laciny

Alexa Ing Stern

Caitlin Low

Alisha Ramos

Pamela Matsumoto

Ingrid Pierre

Brian Eggert

Anna Trowbridge

Hilary Roberts

Grant Wonders

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