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Karibu Sana!

Welcome to Harvard College Alliance for Africa!

Harvard College Alliance for Africa (HCAA) works with both local African partner agencies and international organizations to implement sustainable programs for education and health in Africa 's remote rural areas and urban slums. HCAA's goal is to enable African communities and families to ensure themselves an improved quality of life.


HCAA currently works in Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa where our supported sites include schools, orphanages, vocational training centers, and feeding programs for underprivileged youth.


HCAA achieves its aims by collecting computers, bikes, books, and other appropriate items for donation to our initiatives, by pursuing ongoing fundraising campaigns, and by sending an envoy of volunteers to Africa to visit HCAA-sponsored programs at least once annually.


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For those who might be interested, we obtain all of the t-shirts for the Fast Tracks 5K from here. Thanks for their contribution to our race!

The HCAA Basics

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Barefoot Running

Come hear Daniel Lieberman, Harvard Professor of Human and Evolutionary Biology, discuss his research on barefoot running in Kenya.

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Fast Tracks 5K

HCAA is holding another 5k road race along the Charles River in Cambridge on April 23rd!

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Volunteer Projects in Africa

Summer '08 - Tanzania

Summer '09 - Uganda

Summer '10 - Madagascar

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Our Partners

Global Alliance for Africa

New Hope Orphanage


Bikes Not Bombs

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