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Harvard Alzheimer's Symposium

Get ready! The Harvard College Alzheimer's Buddies will be hosting the inaugural Harvard Alzheimer's Symposium on a date TBD in the Fall! Hear from an interdisciplinary panel of experts moderated by Meredith Vieira of Millionaire and The View to learn about current research, policy challenges, new care giving practices and much more!

Intrigued? Check out our Eventbrite to grab your free ticket today and find out more! Also, check out our promo video featuring Larry King!

Who We Are

Undergraduates responding to the profound isolation and social disengagement experienced by people in the intermediate-to-late-stages of Alzheimer's disease (AD). We build meaningful emotional connections with dementia patients weekly one-on-one visits. We focus on what is still present in our buddies and improving the life that they have despite limitations.
Why We Volunteer

For Our Buddies
Our committed volunteers build friendships through their regular visits and a trust that can inspire hope.We arrive with energy, a loving smile, and a caring touch, wanting to really know our buddies.
For Solidarity
College students and dementia patients are not that different- they and their families are both undergoing major transitions in their lives during which they must reassess priorities and cope with new challenges. With dementia, the transitions can be devastating. Together we work to find the courage to face these challenges.
For the Staff
We help to relax and engage our buddies, leading them to be more cooperative with the support staff. Our visits provide a relief for nursing staff so that they can focus on their care-giving duties.
Where We Go

Although we are looking to expand to other facilities, we currently visit residents at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston, MA. The facility's staff members strive to meet the needs of every resident while engaging them in fulfilling activities. The staff have been wonderfully supportive of our effort.
What We Do Outside of Visits

Sometimes visiting with dementia victims can be difficult. We support our volunteers with an extensive training program with the help of healthcare professionals. This training is aimed at both improving their weekly visits and overall understanding of how families work to cope with Alzheimer's. We view this education as essential, not only because it is likely that our volunteers will encounter someone with dementia during their lives, but also because they need to be able to connect to their buddies' loved ones.