We compete in cyber defense competitions keeping systems running, and we provide a casual way to learn about the awesome world of Internet security.

Club Stuff

We're still in the process of defining exactly what goes on in club meetings, what we stand for, and how we approach everything. That said, we already learn from the awesome guys at HUIT, who provide us with everything from lecture-style materials on Windows systems to practice Ubuntu servers.


Of course, what is a cyber defense competition? We wonder that too. It's difficult to define in words, and much easier to show through experience, but we'll try. In essence, competition consists of a team of us getting together, either physically or through Google Hangouts, in order to keep a provided system of computers running processes from email to data storage. More realistically, it consists of a lot of questions, luck, and laughter as we fight against our own mistakes and technology at large. The structure of CCDC can vary, but generally it involves three teams. The Blue Team (that's us!) tries to keep things running. The Red Team (definitely not us) tries to stop those things from running and generally wreak havoc. The White Team sits in the corner and judges silently (they do administrative things or something, too).

Other Things

Things will go here...eventually