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Elections 2011


Check out the Elections 2011 tab to see who is running to be the next board of the Harvard College Engineering Society.  Elections are Tuesday, Mar 22nd 8pm in the Kates Room of Quincy House.  All members are invited to attend and cast your vote!

HCES J-term Magazine


HCES is issuing a J-term magazine that will provide a look into how Harvard engineering students spent their J-terms. Whether you’re working on an engineering design thesis, participating in a SEAS sponsored OWAW event, or tinkering with things on your own, we want YOU to write about it! Tell us about what you’ve been up to during J-term through a photo essay, set of blog entries, or descriptive essay. Entries will be due by the first day of the semester – January 24th.

If you are interested in writing about your J-term engineering activities, fill out the questionnaire here.

HCES General Meeting


Hello Engineers!

Do you want to get involved with HCES more and work towards getting an Executive Board position?

HCES would like to invite you to the first General Meeting of the semester so you can get to know more about great opportunities like:

  1. The Hydrovolts Project. Check out the feature in The Crimson!
  2. Other Student Projects
  3. Harvard student chapters for recognized national engineering societies like ASME.
  4. Career opportunities and taking advantage of OCS resources in Engineering and Tech industries.
  5. News from RoboCup.
  6. Earning points for membership: HCES devised a new Membership Structure. Attending the General Meeting will give you 1 point!

What: HCES General Meeting

When: Sunday Oct. 24th at 3pm

Where: Adams JCR

Of course, you don’t want to miss the food and refreshments!

Hydrovolts Turbine Project


Attention, Harvard’s aspiring engineers!

HCES will be assembling a select team of three to four Harvard engineering students to work on the Hydrovolts turbine project. The team will work with Hydrovolts, an award-winning hydropower company, to solve an energy-related problem faced by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Interested? Read on!

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) is the world’s largest private, non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, engineering, and education. They have deployed a number of remote deep-sea instruments that are currently powered by batteries, which are very expensive to replace.

WHOI would like to provide a renewable source of energy for their instruments by employing technology from Hydrovolts, a company founded by Harvard alum Burton Hamner (CEO). Starting this semester, a team from Hydrovolts will work with HCES to develop a new turbine, ready for delivery to WHOI in April.

Visiting Lecturer in Design Engineering Barry Griffin will be interviewing interested students this Thursday, 10/14, from noon to 3 PM in Pierce G12. All applicants should e-mail Barry directly ( to schedule their own appointment. Please also include a short description of why you want to participate in this project.

Applicants must commit to learning about hydrokinetic energy, and be willing to take several one-day trips to Woods Hole (near Cape Cod) for design and testing. A background in fluid dynamics is not a pre-requisite.

Regarding this $5,000 funded collaboration, professor Robert Howe said, “This will be one of SEAS’ signature projects demonstrating our commitment to practical engineering education and industry exposure for our students.” To read more about this project, view the recent Hydrovolts press release.

Design Project in Fluid Dynamics


Last spring, students in ES123 were faced with a design project. Given a minimum weight and the dimensions of the flow chamber, they were asked to design an object that had the least drag. Solidworks, 3D printing, sanding & puttying, and testing ensued.

Goal: Minimize drag experienced by a 100 gram object

Photo Credit: Titus

DC Aerospace Trip


Washington DC Aerospace Trip

September 23-24

The Harvard College Engineering Society and the Harvard College Aviation Club invite you to join us on a trip to Washington DC to learn more about the Aerospace Industry!

We will be visiting:

  • Lockheed Martin’s Global Vision Center
    • Simulate flying the F-22, F-35, and docking the Orion Space Capsule to the International Space Station
    • Eat lunch at Lockheed Martin
  • NASA Headquarters
  • The Aerospace Industries Association
  • The Commercial Spaceflight Federation
  • SpaceX
  • Col. Myland Pride, Director of Space Policy for the Joint Chiefs of Staff

And possibly:

  • Peter Marquez, Director of Space Policy for the White House National Security Council

Space is limited. If you would like to attend please go HERE to fill out the Lottery Form.
For more information feel free to contact Daniel Nevius at

Cambrian Explosion


HCES recently became a member in the newly formed Harvard Science Cabinet. The Science Cabinet is a coalition of undergraduate science-, engineering-, mathematics-, and health-related groups at Harvard College.  The Science Cabinet aims to encourage collaboration among its member organizations by planning joint social and community outreach events.  In addition, the Science Cabinet will create resources (such as a centralized publicity newletter and a community calendar) which will enable its member organizations to hold more successful events.  Finally, it will serve as a forum to discuss shared best practices among groups and work to integrate the activities of its member organizations with the initiatives of the Harvard faculty and administration.  The Science Cabinet will therefore help to create a more cohesive scientific community at Harvard.

The Science Cabinet will be hosting an event called the Cambrian Explosion this Saturday from 9 pm to 2 am in the Queens Head Pub below Annenberg. Join us to learn about the various science related groups on campus and for a fun night at the pub. See the blurb below for more info:

Intro Meeting


HCES will be having its Intro Meeting for anyone who is interested in becoming more involved in the Society on Saturday, Sept. 4th from 4-5pm in Sever 106. Stop by and hear more about the goals that HCES has for this year and how you can contribute to the Engineering Community on campus!

Welcome to HCES


Welcome to campus Harvard Class of 2014!

For those of you we spoke with over Pre-Frosh weekend we are glad to see that you have chosen to pursue Engineering at Harvard. The Harvard College Engineering Society is here as a resource for you as you transition into your first year at Harvard. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that may arise.

HCES is looking forward to a productive year as we focus on strengthening the undergraduate experience for students interested in Engineering. Some of our goals for this year include:

  • Expanding Awareness of  HCES and Harvard College’s Engineering Department
  • Building a strong community of students and faculty interested in engineering
  • Supporting students in starting their own engineering projects
  • Strengthening our member’s engineering skills through hands on projects and competitions
  • Gathering student input on the undergraduate engineering experience to help improve the constantly evolving School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Working with OCS to procure internship and job opportunities in engineering
  • Giving back to the community through STEM education initiatives
  • Building leadership experience in our underclassmen so they can lead HCES into the future

We welcome you to join us as we pursue these endeavors!

You can get involved in HCES in the following ways:

We look forward to working with you soon!

- HCES Executive Team

Exciting Engineering Blog


Introducing the HCES Exciting Engineering Blog. This blog provides HCES members with a venue to share articles and stories about engineering topics that you find interesting and you think would be exciting to other members. Talk to the webmaster or another exec if you want to post.

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