HCES recently became a member in the newly formed Harvard Science Cabinet. The Science Cabinet is a coalition of undergraduate science-, engineering-, mathematics-, and health-related groups at Harvard College.  The Science Cabinet aims to encourage collaboration among its member organizations by planning joint social and community outreach events.  In addition, the Science Cabinet will create resources (such as a centralized publicity newletter and a community calendar) which will enable its member organizations to hold more successful events.  Finally, it will serve as a forum to discuss shared best practices among groups and work to integrate the activities of its member organizations with the initiatives of the Harvard faculty and administration.  The Science Cabinet will therefore help to create a more cohesive scientific community at Harvard.

The Science Cabinet will be hosting an event called the Cambrian Explosion this Saturday from 9 pm to 2 am in the Queens Head Pub below Annenberg. Join us to learn about the various science related groups on campus and for a fun night at the pub. See the blurb below for more info: