Attention, Harvard’s aspiring engineers!

HCES will be assembling a select team of three to four Harvard engineering students to work on the Hydrovolts turbine project. The team will work with Hydrovolts, an award-winning hydropower company, to solve an energy-related problem faced by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Interested? Read on!

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) is the world’s largest private, non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, engineering, and education. They have deployed a number of remote deep-sea instruments that are currently powered by batteries, which are very expensive to replace.

WHOI would like to provide a renewable source of energy for their instruments by employing technology from Hydrovolts, a company founded by Harvard alum Burton Hamner (CEO). Starting this semester, a team from Hydrovolts will work with HCES to develop a new turbine, ready for delivery to WHOI in April.

Visiting Lecturer in Design Engineering Barry Griffin will be interviewing interested students this Thursday, 10/14, from noon to 3 PM in Pierce G12. All applicants should e-mail Barry directly ( to schedule their own appointment. Please also include a short description of why you want to participate in this project.

Applicants must commit to learning about hydrokinetic energy, and be willing to take several one-day trips to Woods Hole (near Cape Cod) for design and testing. A background in fluid dynamics is not a pre-requisite.

Regarding this $5,000 funded collaboration, professor Robert Howe said, “This will be one of SEAS’ signature projects demonstrating our commitment to practical engineering education and industry exposure for our students.” To read more about this project, view the recent Hydrovolts press release.