Get ready for the annual pre-Halloween pumpkin-smashing ritual hosted by the SPS and HCES!

The Details:

  • What: Egg drop competition + pumpkin smashing + HCES/SPS social event
  • When: Friday afternoon, 10/28
  • Where: Jefferson (or somewhere thereabouts)
  • Food?: refreshments provided by SPS

Normally, the event consists of hurling pumpkins of different temperatures (warm, cold, really cold, frozen solid) from the fourth floor of Jefferson, enjoying the smashing spectacle below as the pumpkins meet their untimely end, then enjoying some tasty refreshments (including, of course, pumpkin pie).

This year, we thought it would be fun to stoke the fires of the engineering-physics rivalry by incorporating an egg drop competition at the beginning of the event: hurl an egg (+ protection) from the fourth floor, so that the egg survives and lands as close to a target as possible. The plan is to get several teams from both departments to participate; laser-machined trophies will be given to top point winners (we’ve outlined a rough grading rubric) and the most creative design. And, of course, whichever club (HCES or SPS) has the best overall performance gets bragging rights.

Be on the lookout for more information to come!