Kits in the boxes

 Getting ready for Survival Kit delivery!

On Thursday, January 26 2012, HCES delivered 81 Engineering Survival Kits to incoming Engineering Sciences (and Bioengineering) Concentrators.


Now, one might ask, “what IS an Engineering Survival Kit?” See below for the complete kit description:

Contents of the Survival Kits

 The Complete Engineering Science Kit

  • 1 granola bar (Do engineers have time for breakfast? Not always. But hopefully this will give you enough energy to get through that 9 AM class.)
  • 1 package Fruit Snacks (A healthy dose of Vitamin C will help you stay healthy throughout the cold winter weeks.)
  • 1 package instant Top Ramen (Working so hard on that thermo pset that you forgot to eat dinner? Hopefully this will come in handy.)
  • 1 pad lined paper (Problem set scratch paper. To-do lists. Ideas for future inventions. Or you may want to make mini yellow paper airplanes. Go ahead; it’s yours to use.)
  • 1 Sharpie marker (a.k.a. multi-purpose permanent marking tool. Use only for good, not evil.)
  • 4 AAA batteries (Because your TI-89 is probably low on power right at this very moment.)
  • 1 can Red Bull (Batteries for you. Trust us. You’ll need it.)

Also, each concentrator received a personalized, laser-cut acrylic placard with their name and graduating year engraved on the surface — our way of saying welcome to SEAS.


Again, congratulations to all the new ES concentrators, and welcome to Harvard Engineering!


-HCES Execs