HCES Mentor/Mentee Program Mixer

Friday, 2/21

5:45 – 6:45 PM

Ticknor Lounge

To kick off our awesome HCES Mentor/Mentee program, we’ll be hosting our first mixer event this Friday from 5:45 to 6:45pm at Ticknor Lounge. If you signed up for the program, we should have contacted you directly by now. If not, shoot us an email and let us know! This will be a great chance to meet each other over some great food – see you there!

Posted 2/19/14

HCES Presents: Amplitude Tech Talk: How to Analyze BIG DATA in Realtime

There is so much data in the world that we’re running out of words to describe it. As we approach the yottabyte mark and beyond, the question remains, can we analyze this data quickly and cheaply?

Amplitude, a Y-Combinator mobile analytics start-up, has developed unique methods of analyzing big data in realtime – people can query their data in seconds, not minutes or hours. Amplitude CTO, Curtis Liu, will be sharing some insights into the challenges and benefits into building a realtime analytics platform. Learn the value of realtime analysis, how to minimize resource consumption, the power of redis, and much more!

Join us for a thoughtful discussion, FREE DINNER, FREE SHIRTS, and FREE SWAG

When: Wednesday 2/5 @6:00pm
Where: Pierce 209

HCES Presents: Fitbit

Making something that’s working is hard. Making something that’s working for everyone, small, virtually consumes no power, but automatically talks to your cellphone or PC is very hard. In this talk, I’d like to share some of the real, challenging problems we solved while we were developed our trackers – Fitbit Classic, Fitbit Ultra, One, Zip, Flex and Force. (Well, we might be still solving them :p) Also I’d like talk what visions Fitbit has, and how YOU can contribute to those.

Mechanical engineering: how to make an altimeter (pressure sensor) chamber that’s watertight?
Mobile/Site: what would happen once we get five billion users?
Firmware: how can a tracker live on a cell battery for 6 months?
Algorithm development: how does the tracker count steps?
Data science: does Fitbit change someone’s life? Can we see that from data?

When: 2/4, 6 pm

Where: Pierce 301

Posted 2/4/14

Harvard E3: Engineering, Electronics, and… Emacs…?

HCES and HCS are hosting a joint event on Friday 10/25 from 5p-7p at SOCH 104. 9 speakers will each give a 9-minute “TED”-style presentation on an innovative idea in computer science, engineering, or both.

Guy Steele, the creator of Emacs will also be presenting on:  ”Order from Chaos, and Vice Versa”!  You don’t want to miss out.

Dinner will be provided, and you can talk to the speakers!

This is definitely one of HCES’ biggest events of the year, so make sure to come out.

FB RSVP link: https://www.facebook.com/events/530560193696100/

Posted 10/21/13

NEW Upcoming HCES Speaker and Recruiting Events!

IXL Learning: Tech Talk/Recruiting Session

9/30. 4pm. Pierce 209.

Square: for a talk about their culture and work

10/1. 4-5pm. 60 Oxford Street, Room 330.

Electronic Arts: ”A Realtime Sketch on Innovation”

10/3. 6:30pm. Pierce 209.

Khan Academy: Tech Talk

10/16. 6:30pm. Pierce 209.

Rakuten Recruiting Session

11/7. 6:00pm. Pierce 209


Posted 9/26/13

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