Robocup is an international competition, where teams design robots to play soccer. The Grand goal is to have a humanoid team that can play with and beat the human soccer champion team by 2050. To break up the challenge into manageable pieces, different leagues exists that have different robots and rules.

RFC (Robotic Futbol Club) Cambridge plays in the Small-size league. The robots there are small cylinders that move quickly and kick strongly. To see the field, there are overhead cameras, which feed into a central computer system. This system controls the robots by sending radio commands.

RFC Cambridge has been around for 5 years. We are the only undergraduate Harvard-MIT organization and one of the very few teams that are run entirely by undergraduates. We sometimes get help from faculty in Harvard or MIT (there was even a class on Robocup with Prof. Nagpal in 2009) and get to learn a lot about computer science, electrical & mechanical engineering. We usually get good publicity (we even made it to the front page of the Globe last year), since, well it’s just a really cool project :)

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at our new wiki at . Or, send us an email at and come to our meetings when we start having them.

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