Past Student Projects

Hydrovolts Turbine Project

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NASA Moon Work Competition

During the spring semester of 2010 four HCES students competed in the NASA Moon Work Competition to design a tool or an instrument package to be used on the moon. The following tasks could be chosen from:


  • Navigation in the darkness around the Moon’s south pole
  • Power supplies for rovers in the dark
  • Sample retrieval and on-site analysis
  • Radiation detection and avoidance
  • Communication with lunar outpost, with orbiters, and with Earth
  • Video capture of sorties for transmission back to Earth
  • Astronaut recovery and transport back to outpost
  • Lunar regolith mitigation strategies for rover and space suits
  • Detect and retrieve water ice for use on the rover

Team: Julie Xie, Daniel Nevius, Tiffany Au, Colin Santangelo, Lakshmi Parthasarathy

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