2011-2012 Health Policy Board Applications Available!

Interested in Health Policy?
Want to get more involved with planning speaker events, documentary screenings, and networking opportunities with
Harvard professors in businessmedicine, and public policy?


DUE FRIDAY, 4/22/11, by 5PM

EMAIL any questions to harvard.health.policy@gmail.com

Apply with link

About HCHPS: Harvard College Health Policy Society was formed in 1997 to address the growing importance of health policy concerns in the United States, HCHPS endeavors to bring together students to discuss current issues in health policy and health care. Because health policy is essentially multidisciplinary, we hope to attract students from a wide array of concentrations. From biology to economics, from government to sociology, from psychology to history, HCHPS hopes to encourage multi-disciplinary talks about this important topic that had far reaching affects in all sectors of society. Our main goals are to provide a forum for the discussion of current issues in health care and to serve as an educational resource for students and the community at large.
What we are looking for: We are looking for motivated and dedicated board members to help expand HCHPS to play a broader role on campus. We seek directors who are passionate abouthealth policy and who are willing to help increase interest in health policy and discussion on important current issues both within the Harvard campus and beyond.
Positions available:
Executive Director: The Executive Director is responsible for spearheading HCHPS meetings and events. The Executive Director works with each board member as well as other organizations to expand interest in health policy issues on campus and beyond.

Director of Finance: The Director of Finance is responsible for managing all monetary concerns of HCHPS. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, creating the annual budget, applying for grants, and managing HCHPS funds.
Co-Director of Events: The Director of Events is responsible for researching and creating activities and opportunities through which HCHPS and the Harvard community at large may learn about health policy issues.
Co-Director of Publicity: The Director of Publicity is responsible for communicating with Harvard personnel and working with other Harvard organizations to publicize and execute events.


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