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Mission Statement:

Sierra Leone is a conflict-free country yet ranks second to last on the UNDP Human Development Index Scale with a population of which 68% lives under the poverty line. The Harvard College Sierra Leone Initiative (HCSLI) seeks to promote a comprehensive interest and knowledge of global development implementation in undergraduates through guided project planning during the school year leading to direct service initiatives during the summer in Sierra Leone. These implementation projects will be approved by the right authorities in Sierra Leone and Harvard and will involve;
  • addressing basic health by distributing insecticide-treated bednets and educating villages on malaria and sanitation
  • promoting sustained improvement of quality of life with existing NGOs and local institutions in partner communities, and
  • educating the Harvard community on issues related to health and development in Sierra Leone.

Current Affairs
relevant to Sierra Leone

Charles Taylor former President of Liberia Faces Justice for War Crimes In Sierra Leone

Taylor's trial begins in the Hague.

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